March 18, 2013

Bruker Expands Latest CryoProbe™ Prodigy TCI Product Line

CryoProbe Prodigy TCI

New CryoProbe Prodigy TCI 700

Bringing 2.5x Proton Sensitivity Boost and Six-fold Throughput Enhancement to Wider Routine and Biomolecular Research Markets - Prodigy TCI provides a 300 MHz-equivalent Sensitivity Boost for 1H High-Resolution NMR at 500, 600 and 700 MHz at a Fraction of the Cost of Ultra-High Field Systems

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, – March 18, 2013 - At Pittcon 2013, Bruker announces the newly expanded CryoProbe Prodigy TCI product range, now from 500 to 700 MHz, bringing its acknowledged and tremendous boost in sensitivity at an affordable price to a wider base of NMR users.

Prodigy TCI uses nitrogen-cooled RF coils and preamplifiers to deliver a proton sensitivity enhancement of a factor of 2.5, and a carbon sensitivity enhancement of a factor of 2 over room temperature inverse triple-resonance (RT TXI) probes.

Available at 500, 600 and 700 MHz, the innovative design of the Prodigy TCI not only delivers an incredible performance boost, but does so with minimum operating and maintenance costs, and with long service intervals of more than 2 years.  Prodigy TCI has a small footprint and requires no additional infrastructure, making it easy to site.

The remarkable sensitivity boost of more than ‘300 MHz-equivalent’ across the new range, combined with ease of use and cost-effectiveness, makes Prodigy TCI an ideal solution for routine and research NMR applications. For example, a 600 MHz Bruker AVANCE™ III HD spectrometer equipped with the Prodigy TCI now surpasses 950 MHz NMR room-temperature probes on conventional spectrometers in proton sensitivity.

Proton-detected NMR experiments in biomolecular and pharmaceutical research will benefit from the 2.5x increase in signal-to-noise, enabling time-consuming NMR experiments to be performed 6 times faster. The expanded CryoProbe Prodigy TCI range will now benefit even more structural biology research labs, as well as small molecule NMR labs in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, drastically increasing their sample throughput. Combined with an optional automatic tuning and matching accessory (ATMA), the Prodigy TCI range is now the probe of choice in terms of cost/performance ratio for many industrial and academic labs.

“The Prodigy TCI is yet another extension of Bruker’s unique and game-changing CryoProbe technology. As the pioneer and leader in the development of cryogenically cooled probes for high-resolution NMR and preclinical MRI, Bruker’s offerings remain unmatched with well over 1,100 CryoProbes installed worldwide" commented Dr. Werner Maas, President of Bruker BioSpin. “The expanded and cost-effective Prodigy TCI range now enables an extended range of our routine and analytical NMR customers to benefit from an incredible ‘300 MHz-equivalent’ boost in sensitivity!”

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