June 6, 2016

Bruker Further Enhances the PesticideScreener and ToxScreener High-Resolution, Accurate Mass Applied Markets Solutions

San Antonio, Texas, June 6, 2016 – At the 64th ASMS Conference, Bruker announces the launch of enhanced versions of the PesticideScreener™ and ToxScreener™ solutions.  These improved solutions are part of Bruker’s portfolio of innovative products designed to assist food safety, environmental and forensic toxicology labs to screen, identify and quantify hundreds of low level chemical residues in various complex matrices.

With a database of over 800 pesticides and a pre-defined UHPLC method and workflow, food safety and environmental labs can quickly deploy the PesticideScreener solution to screen, identify and quantify hundreds of low level pesticide residues in various food or water samples.  Its optimized pesticides database includes accurate mass, isotopic pattern, fragment ion, adduct, isomer and retention time information, while the pre-defined UHPLC-MS/MS method can screen and quantify the entire database in less than 20 minutes. 

Similarly, the ToxScreener solution is designed to allow forensic toxicology labs to easily screen, identify and quantify hundreds of low level drugs of abuse or poisons in various complex samples.  Using the pre-defined UHPLC-MS/MS method as the PesticideScreener, users can also screen and quantify the larger database of over 2,000 toxicology-relevant compounds in less than 20 minutes.

Howard Taylor of the Addiction Labs in Memphis, Tennessee, stated: “Our laboratory purchased 14 Bruker compact QTOFs because of their reliability and ease of use. Since we are a production laboratory, it is important to be able to visually identify and quantitate a drug or metabolite as quickly as possible. The TASQ software is very intuitive and extremely user friendly. The presentation of data makes identification and review easy and simple. Quantitation is presented with great flexibility and users can quickly identify outliers and drop a calibrator, if necessary. The TASQ software also makes it easy to add new analytes and it is possible to do retrospective searches for new drugs. We are extremely pleased with the Bruker service team and the customer support has been above and beyond our expectations. We will purchase more Bruker instruments as our laboratory grows!”

About the PesticideScreener 2.1 and ToxScreener 2.1 Solution

The PesticideScreener 2.1 and ToxScreener 2.1 solutions are based on Bruker’s high-performance ESI-QTOF instruments, and allow users to easily screen, identify, confirm and quantify hundreds of compounds in a single experiment.  With an expansion of their screening databases and new software features, these solutions produce significantly increased throughput and confidence.  The associated new Bruker TASQ™ 1.1 software (Target Analysis for Screening and Quantitation) is designed to exploit high resolution, accurate-mass data generated by Bruker QTOF mass spectrometers to confidently screen for trace residues in complex matrices.

Both solutions are compatible with all of Bruker’s QTOF platforms (compact™, impact™ II and maxis™ II) for highest performance and confidence when analyzing complex samples.


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