March 18, 2013

Bruker Introduce the High-Performance LC Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometers:

EVOQ Elite

The EVOQ LC-TQ System

EVOQ Qube and EVOQ Elite LC-TQ Systems at Pittsburgh Conference for the First Time

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – March 18, 2013 -  For the first time at Pittcon 2013, Bruker introduces its two newest LC-triple quadrupole (LC-TQ) mass spectrometers, the high-performance EVOQ Qube™ and the ultra-high sensitivity EVOQ Elite. Both EVOQ’s are setting new standards for analytical performance leadership, they deliver to the user major advances in robustness, ease of method development and productivity.

The EVOQ LC-TQ systems were introduced last fall incorporating Bruker’s new Advance™ Ultra-High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (UHPLC) system. Furthermore, the EVOQ platforms feature several major innovations, which include:

  • Vacuum-Insulated Probe heated electrospray ionization (VIP-HESI) technology. A first for the industry it preserves and ionizes thermally fragile molecules without compromising sensitivity
  • Active Exhaust atmospheric pressure ionization source has a robust orifice vacuum interface, which significantly enhances the quantitative robustness for difficult samples
  • Proprietary Interlaced Quadrupole Dual Funnel (IQ-DF™) is ‘flat-tuning’ that maximizes the sensitivity of the instrument
  • Novel PACER™ software enables ‘exception based data review’, a revolutionary feature that significantly reduces the error rate for quantitative analysis

Bruker’s patented lens-free triple-quad mass filter design is standard on the EVOQs, enhancing MRM performance. This has the advantage of making the EVOQ LC-TQ inherently easier to use and maintain. The EVOQ also simplifies MRM-based quantitation with the unique Compound Based Scanning software (CBS), which makes MRM methods development inconsequential, MS/MS as easy to use and deploy as any single quadrupole (SQ) mass spectrometry. Other high-performance TQ features include the novel APCI ion source, fast 14,000 amu/sec scan speed and 25 milliseconds positive/negative ion switching, bringing the benefit of industry-leading TQ performance and analytical power to the user.

Rohan Thakur, Vice President and General Manager, said: "Our design goal was to make the EVOQ LC-TQ very intuitive to use, provide sustaining sensitivity, and with the PACER software the fastest sample-to-report time, thus providing our customers significant improvement in productivity, better confidence in their data, and easier adoption of Bruker innovation. Feedback since the launch tells us we have hit the mark with the EVOQ.”

Collin D'Silva, President of Bruker CAM, commented on the addition and performance of the EVOQ to the family of products under the Chemical and Applied Markets division banner, “The EVOQ LC-TQ platform delivers on our Bruker philosophy of providing innovation to the user. Combined with the SCION GCMS SQ and TQ products and the new aurora Elite ICP-MS, Bruker CAM has a solid portfolio of products for the applied markets. We believe that the EVOQ triple-quad platform, with its numerous patentable innovations, provides outstanding sensitivity which powers the business of quantitation, outshining the traditional TQ designs as the new performance leader in this large market.”

Media Contact for Bruker Chemical & Applied Markets

Meredith Conoley
Bruker CAM Division Marketing Director   
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