March 18, 2013

Bruker Introduces New Chemometrics Module for NMR-based Assure-Raw Material Screening (RMS)

Assure Chemometrics

An extract of the Assure-RMS report

Automated Analysis for Targeted and Non-Targeted Material Screening

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, – March 18, 2013 - At Pittcon 2013, Bruker Corporation introduces the Chemometrics Module, further expanding the capabilities of its proven Assure™-RMS solution. Fully automated, quantitative and qualitative Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) analysis enables material screening in the polymer, pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries.
The Assure™-RMS Chemometrics Module delivers confidence in product conformity and material classification. When simultaneously applied with the identification and quantification key components, this provides in-depth details of material composition and rapidly detects non-conforming material.
Assure™-RMS benefits from the high reproducibility of NMR spectroscopy, enabling transfer of chemometric models to other laboratories without having to recreate models of conforming material. When coupled with a customizable NMR Spectral Library, NMR’s discriminating and directly proportional response forms the ideal solution for detecting and quantifying key components from a single measurement.
Dr. Kim Colson, NMR Business Development Manager at Bruker BioSpin commented: “Chemometric advancements in Assure™-RMS are a major step forward in simplifying the analysis and quality control of a wide variety of materials including polymers, pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements. This approach will help us determine unsuitable product and even the unknown unknowns.”

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