April 4, 2014

Bruker Introduces S2 KODIAK™, the New Online XRF Coating Analyzer for Real-Time Characterization of Coatings on Metals, Glass, Paper, Polymers and Solar Cells


S2 KODIAK Online XRF Coating Analyzer

MUNICH, Germany – April 1st, 2014 – At Analytica 2014, Bruker presents the new online coating analyzer S2 KODIAKTM. Based on X-ray fluorescence spectrometry, the S2 KODIAK delivers the information about both coating thickness and layer composition in real-time. Applications for this unique technology include analysis of sheet metal, glass, thin film solar cells, paper coatings and polymer films. Data from the S2 KODIAK enables coating manufacturers to optimize their coating processes while establishing higher product quality, increasing factory output and enhancing cost efficiency of their production. With its new custom-designed high-resolution silicon drift detector and rugged X-ray tube technology, the S2 KODIAK delivers outstanding accuracy and precision in layer thickness monitoring allowing instant feedback to the production process.

The S2 KODIAK perfectly matches the demanding environmental conditions of industrial coating plants. With a fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet and advanced Peltier-cooled detector the S2 KODIAK can be mounted in any direction above or below sheet metal, glass, or polymer films, or can be integrated into any coating process. The S2 KODIAK is designed to run autonomously and maintenance-free and starts analyzing instantly after being powered up. The remote controlled analyzer unit connects to plant control software and transfers results via TCP/IP. Continuous 24/7 operation is supported by outstanding instrument uptime and Bruker’s worldwide service and support network, along with Bruker’s expertise in the field of X-ray analysis.  In contrast to other thickness gauges, the S2 KODIAK requires no radioactive sources and operates at lower power, thereby enhancing worker safety and ensuring easy integration into coating operations.

“With the new S2 KODIAK online coating analyzer, Bruker now takes its second step into the online process-control environment. The first was the launch of the S2 KODIAK mining analyzer in February at the “2014 Annual Society of Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration Meeting”. Bruker’s XRF portfolio is an increasingly attractive product offering for our industrial customers covering the entire range from handheld and laboratory-based XRF instruments to online process control equipment. Bruker enables customers to achieve and maintain the best product quality and production output through their entire production”, stated Dr. Kai Behrens, Head of XRF Product Management at Bruker AXS.  

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For more information on the S2 KODIAK, please visit: www.bruker.com/s2kodiak  

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