September 15, 2014

Bruker launches all SDD-based fleet of Handheld XRF analyzers

S1 TITAN model 500

New S1 TITAN model 500 handheld XRF analyzer

with the introduction of S1 TITAN model 500

KENNEWICK, WA – September 15, 2014 – Bruker Elemental introduces the new S1 TITAN model 500 handheld XRF analyzer. Designed as a fast and accurate alloy analyzer with the lowest total cost of ownership, the S1 TITAN model 500 features a large Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), a TITAN Detector ShieldTM, and is capable of detecting elements from Ti to U.

With the introduction of the S1 TITAN model 500 and its latest SDD technology, Bruker offers a low priced XRF analyzer without any compromise to performance.  This important step means that all S1 TITANs will have the latest in high resolution and high count rate detectors.  As a result, the end user can expect to have fast, precise readings regardless of the model ordered.

The new S1 TITAN model 500 is available with two calibrations: Standard Alloy Calibration and Precious Metals Calibration. The alloy calibration has an elemental range of 31 elements, ranging from Ti – U.  The Precious Metals Calibration is designed for high accuracy measurements of gold, silver, platinum, and over 25 other alloying elements. Equipped with a Kapton® window, the S1 TITAN model 500 is also able to measure in-process samples at temperatures up to 500˚C. In addition, the model 500 is protected from detector punctures via our patent-pending TITAN Detector ShieldTM.

The new S1 TITAN model 500 covers a wide range of alloy applications. Whether it’s in aerospace or automotive applications, in metals processing or fabrication, in a refinery, in a power plant, in recycling and scrap sorting, or in jewelry testing and precious metals evaluation— the S1 TITAN will quickly and accurately analyze the elemental composition and identify the alloys of your sample or parts being tested.

The new S1 TITAN model 500 is Bruker’s cost-effective, entry-level handheld XRF analyzer, and it perfectly complements the other more advanced S1 TITAN models. Please visit our website or contact us for additional information on the new S1 TITAN at:

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