March 3, 2014

Bruker Launches new autoflex™ speed MALDI-TOF(/TOF) with 2 kHz Smartbeam™ Laser

autoflex speed is designed to enhance productivity and performance in Protein and Small Molecule Analysis, as well as MALDI Imaging and MALDI Biotyper Applications

CHICAGO, Illinois, March 3, 2014 – At Pittcon 2014, Bruker announces the launch of the newest member in the successful Flex™ series of MALDI-TOF(/TOF) mass spectrometers, the new autoflex™ speed. The new autoflex speed delivers superior performance by incorporating numerous innovative technology advancements which provide further enhanced data quality, acquisition speed, class-leading mass and dynamic range, and general robust and efficient performance.

It’s extending the applications envelope of MALDI TOF/TOF far beyond the conventional concepts of what’s possible in molecular histology, glycoprotein and biopharmaceuticals analysis.

By leveraging Bruker’s long-standing expertise in high-performance MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry the new autoflex speed is designed to dramatically enhance the productivity of laboratories involved in protein sequencing, biomarker discovery, polymer analysis, lipid and glycan analysis, molecular imaging, drug and metabolite tissue distribution, as well as high-throughput MALDI Biotyper microbiological molecular identification.

System configurations can be optimized for a number of different analytical operations and environments utilizing both TOF and TOF/TOF modes in combination with dedicated Hardware and Software tools for a variety of proteomics, imaging, polymer and small molecule applications.

Already the acknowledged leader in Mass Spectrometry Imaging (MSI), the new autoflex speed system incorporates the Bruker patented smartbeam™-II laser, now with up to 2 kHz repetition rate with true-pixel image resolution at 20µm for proteins. This development marks a milestone in the pioneering smartbeam laser technology, designed and manufactured exclusively by Bruker for unmatched performance in MALDI mass spectrometry.

The new autoflex speed incorporates a number of key features which enhance its capabilities and value including:


  • Enhanced Speed with a 2 kHz (kiloHertz) proprietary smartbeam-II solid-state laser and electronics for high throughput applications including LC-MALDI, MALDI Imaging, and high-throughput microbiology ID
  • Unique FAST-SRM mode provides single reaction monitoring capabilities for imaging of drugs and metabolites in tissue
  • Expanded High-Resolution Mass Range for analysis of polymers and Top-Down, intact protein sequencing for long sequence readouts
  • FlashDetector™ technology to increase resolution and prevent signal saturation for complex samples
  • Self-cleaning Ion Source cleans the instrument source in minutes to improve system up-time and with minimal operator maintenance
  • Optimized Software packages for numerous applications e.g. Protein-, Peptide-, Polymer-Analyses, and MALDI Imaging, clinical research methods and the MALDI Biotyper IVD-CE workflow

Ralf Schaefer, Product manager at Bruker Daltonics, commented: “The new autoflex speed delivers outstanding and robust performance in a very accessible and cost effective platform. The new autoflex speed enhances the reach and capabilities of MALDI-TOF and TOF/TOF, and makes innovative technology readily available and accessible - also for non-mass-spec-experts.”

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