May 10, 2016

Bruker launches the new MATRIX-MG Series Gas Analyzers

Munich, Germany, May 11th, 2016 – At Analytica 2016, Bruker Corporation announced today the launch of the new MATRIX-MG Series for the fully automated, high precision and real-time monitoring of gas compounds based on infrared spectroscopy.

The compact and rugged MATRIX-MG Series is built upon the industry proven IRCube from Bruker. The target gas is analyzed inside a gas cell which is available with different optical path lengths of 10 cm (MATRIX-MG01), 2 m (MG2), respectively 5 m (MG5) to cover a very broad range of applications. The patented design of the 5m multi-reflection gas cell is especially optimized for fast gas exchange, which allows for analyzing dynamic processes, like the exhausts of combustion engines.

The identification and quantification of the gas compounds is performed fully automated by the comprehensive software package OPUS GA (Gas Analysis). It uses a non-linear fitting algorithm with proven reliability for the rapid identification and quantification of gas compounds with our remote sensing spectrometers over the last decade. OPUS GA allows the quantification of more than 400 compounds without the need to perform gas calibrations. This makes the MATRIX-MG Series perfectly suited for a very broad range of applications, such as the monitoring of process gases in production lines or exhaust gases, the analysis of motor vehicle exhausts and biogases, the determination of gas impurities in high purity gases, as well as for scientific research.

Prof. Martin Wooster, from King's College London, who was one of the first users of the MATRIX-MG Series, is already convinced about the performance of the new gas analyzers, stating: "The MATRIX-MG5 with the software package OPUS GA is perfectly suited for our application, which is the investigation of the range of gases emitted by wildfires and other forms of biomass burning."

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