March 18, 2013

Bruker Successfully Installs World’s First 527 GHz Solid State DNP-NMR System

DNP-NMR Spectrometer

527 GHz Solid-State DNP-NMR system at University of Utrecht

World’s Highest Field NMR system for Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) now Driving New Research Applications in Biomolecular and Material Science in Europe

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, – March 18, 2013 –  Today, Bruker announced the first successful installation and acceptance of its new 527 GHz Solid State DNP-NMR spectrometer at the University of Utrecht in the  Netherlands.  The 527 GHz system is the world’s highest frequency spectrometer and is expected to open up new research areas in solid-state NMR applications.

Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) significantly enhances the sensitivity of solid state NMR by transferring polarization from the electron spins to the nuclear spins. With DNP-NMR, completely new categories of samples can be investigated, with the potential to deliver much more detailed insights and a more comprehensive understanding of the interactions taking place at the molecular level.

With the installation heralding new opportunities, Professor Marc Baldus, Head of the NMR section at the Bijvoet Center for Biomolecular Research at the University of Utrecht commented, “The new instrument will further enhance the possibilities to conduct NMR studies in complex biomolecules and materials”.
Dr. Melanie Rosay, Product Manager for Hyperpolarization at Bruker BioSpin shares in the anticipation. “We are extremely excited about the first successful installation at Utrecht, since it includes various new components of Bruker’s latest technology”, she added. “In just a few years we have seen a tremendous growth in DNP-NMR applications in the areas of biological solids and material science research. The emerging DNP-NMR field has already benefitted from four installations of Bruker 263 GHz systems in Germany, Switzerland, France and The Netherlands, and two installations of our 395 GHz systems in Germany and Canada, and will be further enhanced by the world’s first 527 GHz system in Utrecht..”

The innovative solid state DNP-NMR technology commercialized by Bruker finds its origins in the pioneering work of Professors Robert Griffin and Richard Temkin at MIT. The Solid State DNP-NMR systems utilizes novel Bruker gyrotrons as the high power microwave source, Bruker’s Ascend™ 800 wide bore superconducting magnets, and ultra-fast AVANCE™ III HD electronics for the NMR detection.
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