September 17, 2014

Bruker’s new 21Tesla Ultra-High Field MRI with CryoProbe allows in vivo Investigation to shift from Organ and Tissue Imaging to Cellular and Molecular research

PR17092014 BioSpec 210-11

High-resolution MRI imaging of mouse brain at 21 Tesla (top). BioSpec® 210/11 with CryoProbe™ (bottom).

SEOUL, Korea – September 17, 2014 –  Bruker introduces the BioSpec 210/11,  a new 21 Tesla ultra-high field MRI with CryoProbe™ for small animal Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). As in vivo investigation shifts from organ and tissue imaging to cellular and molecular research, a significant boost in sensitivity and resolution is highly beneficial. With the unique 21T MRI , Bruker customers can set new performance benchmarks and gain new insights in preclinical research.

The BioSpec 210/11  scanner is based on Bruker’s proven 21 Tesla 11 cm USR™ magnet that is already successfully used in FT-mass spectrometry. UltraShield™ magnet technology reduces magnetic stray fields, while Bruker’s active magnet refrigeration technology virtually eliminates cryogen refills, reducing down-time and user maintenance costs.

Wulf I. Jung, Ph.D., President of Bruker’s Preclinical Imaging Division, commented, “The level of discrimination that we can now deliver with the 21Tesla MRI has not been possible with previous systems. I am very pleased that Bruker’s latest CryoProbe technology, together with our ultra-high field magnets and unique software packages, can provide the quality of data needed to push back the boundaries of research.”

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