January 22, 2015

First Installation of Grating Phase-Contrast Micro-CT

 The SkyScan 1294 desk-top phase-contrast X-ray microtomograph has been successfully installed in the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria (Wels, Austria) for the research group of Prof. Johann Kastner (www.3dct.at).

The system includes a specially designed microfocus X-ray source, an 11 megapixel cooled X-ray camera and a precise three-grating Talbot-Lau X-ray interferometer for simultaneous extraction of absorption contrast, differential phase contrast and dark-field (scattering) images.

It can obtain co-registered 3D reconstructions of all these listed modalities using provided software for both GPU-accelerated reconstruction and the worlds' fastest hierarchical InstaRecon® reconstruction (reconstruction time for full volume in 1K format is 10-20 seconds or several minutes for full volume in 2K and 4K formats). The first installed phase-contrast system will primarily be used for detailed investigation of fiber packaging in composite materials, for correlation with their physical properties, as well as for a wide range of other samples from material science and life science applications.