My Story: Haiping, Country Coordinator

„I work as a Content Coordinator at Bruker AXS in Beijing where I coordinate and manage an Application Sales Service Team, which suits me perfectly because I am very fascinated by high-quality products and technologies.“

Many of Haipin’s clients are in the material science and testing lab business. This is quite logical given the enormous growth of China’s manufacturing industry, which needs advanced QA/QC. Thanks to the quality of AXS spectrometry solutions products and applications, Bruker can perfectly meet the demanding needs of local customers for precision, reliability and performance.

Haipin‘s combined technical and scientific backgrounds enables him to better understand the requirement of testing labs, as well as manufacturers who have to maintain high QA/QC standards throughout the whole production process, including R&D. He is able to “speak the language“ of his customers which really helps to influence and convince them regarding Bruker’s products.



My Life

I joined Bruker after completing my studies at Beijing‘s renowned Quinghua University, where I had worked as a scientific lecturer for a while. I began at Bruker in sales for XRD diffractometers. This technology enables manufacturers and testing labs to analyze the structure of material from scattering patterns when beams of radiation such as X-rays or neutrons interact with it.

When I joined the team, there were just three of us. Today, I work together with around 40 (!) colleagues in this unit which is more than ten times as much. Since 2005, I’ve been working as a Sales Manager, managing and leading an Application Sales Team. We increase our market share in China gradually.



My Role

My role as a Content Coordinator includes a lot of management and sales tasks. Internally, I hold a lot of meetings on sales issues with my Chinese team. In most of these meetings we plan our short-, mid- and long-term activities and distribute tasks among several team members. Additionally, we review reports on results we achieved and activities we carried out, and discuss which optimization measures to take.

For my team and me, most of the time is dedicated to sales activities which include meetings with customers from all over China at their facilities, where we present concepts and applications to convince them of the distinct quality of Bruker’s products. That means, of course, a lot of traveling across our sales region, which is much of the country!