Plastics Recycling

How Bruker's technologies allow selective recycling of plastic waste.

Collection of plastics for recycling is increasing rapidly. Plastic recycling faces one huge problem, plastic types must not be mixed for recycling. Even a small amount of the wrong type of plastic can ruin the melt.

Classification and identification of recyclable material can be achieved using Bruker Optics' state of the art FT-MIR and FT-NIR spectrometer systems. The analysis typically is performed without sample preparation providing the result within seconds.

The ALPHA II FT-MIR spectrometer is a very affordable system to identify the type and general composition of any unknown plastic product. Using the ALPHA II is very simple: Even untrained personnel can perform the analysis. The software guides the operator through measurement, evaluation and reporting step by step.

Compared to MIR radiation NIR penetrates deeper into the sample and larger sample areas are measured. Hence the NIR measurement results in a representative analysis of the overall sample composition whereas the MIR measurement provides accurate chemical information of a small area on the sample surface. With TANGO Bruker provides a FT-NIR system that fulfills the requirements for industrial use: robustness, high precision and straightforward operator guidance.