Stadium Protection

Stadium Protection

Vulnerable Stadiums

Stadiums represent a key focus for terrorism, as on match or games days they represent not only a microcosm of spectators, but often have VIP's in attendance. It would be difficult to patrol such areas using conventional chemical detection tools, stadiums are always large and the activities have to be intense, and these activities could alarm the visitors. Under these circumstances, it is best that any chemical technology is operated in a covert manner; often from a permanent covert installation.

Wide Area Threat Detection

The Bruker RAPIDplus is a passive scanning infrared detection system ideal for monitoring the large volumes of stadiums. Engineered for wide area chemical threat detection, the system is designed to detect conventional chemical weapons and over ninety toxic industrial chemical gases or vapours. RAPIDplus integrates a scanning detection system and a colour video camera.

In this way, control room or security personnel can direct the RAPIDplus to monitor threats from specific areas of the stadium, including choke points such as entrances and exits, or can direct the detection process to areas where suspicious activity might be taking place in the crowd. RAPIDplus not only detects the threat substance, it identifies it too. For example, this allows the operator to discriminate between alcohol vapour (from the consumption of alcoholic beverages!) and other substances that could indicate that a serious event is taking place.