Building Access Control

Building Access Control

Experts agree that buildings represent a soft target for terrorist acts that are centred on the use of explosives. Many of the high occupancy buildings in our towns and cities form part of the nation’s critical infrastructure and represent a blend of commercial organisations as well as government departments.

The Bruker Solution

Where it has been determined that such a building could be the subject of a terrorist-based threat from explosives, building operators normally take every conceivable measure to mitigate such an incident. This can range from simple baggage checks through to the use of x-ray technologies, normally accompanied by the use of trace explosives detection instruments such as those offered by Bruker. Visitors to the building can be chosen at random or may be chosen based on both gathered intelligence, which itself can be based on behaviour monitoring techniques, and/or the discovery of the presence of suspicious materials in hand baggage and boxes that they wish to take into the building. Threats from explosives devices can be largely mitigated by the use of trace explosives detectors. Individuals are chosen based on either security protocols or specific concerns and their personal property, or the packages that accompany them, are checked with the trace explosives detector.

The Bruker DE-tector

The Bruker DE-tector is a fast trace explosives detector, which is simple to use. Samples are taken from suspect’s personal property by means of a reusable polymer-based glass-fibre reinforced swab, and the swab simply inserted into the detection instrument. The measurement is made and the operator advised of the findings by means of “traffic light” symbols. Green means clear, and red indicates a positive detection.

The Bruker RoadRunner

The Bruker RoadRunner is a lightweight portable trace explosives detector, which is quick and simple to use. Samples are either taken from a package by allowing the instrument to draw the vapour in that package into its measurement system. Samples can also be taken by the standard swab technique, and the swab inserted into the instrument. Roadrunner also uses traffic light symbols to inform the operator of the measurement status.