Metabolomics background 452x210

Integrated Metabolomics

Based on complementary technology

NMR and LC-MS are the main analytical technologies used in metabolomics research, therefore, it is logical to combine both technologies to take advantage of the complementary information provided by both technologies - the structural resolving power of NMR to the molecular formula determination power of MS.

Additionally, Bruker‘s NMR and ESI-UHR-TOF systems provide highly accurate data with a wide dynamic range and excellent resolution for the simultaneous analysis of both high- and low- abundance metabolites in complex samples.

The unique hyphenation of high resolution MS and NMR, the MetabolicProfiler™, enables rapid biomarker detection and identification by combined statistical evaluation of MS and NMR data.

An LC-SPE-NMR / MS coupling enables NMR data acquisition in low concentrated samples facilitating unknown identification.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.