Process Monitoring
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Rigorous process monitoring for pharma and biopharma applications

Process monitoring allows drug development teams to streamline workflows and reduce time taken to bring new small molecule and biologics drugs to market.

The drug development cycle must become increasingly efficient to meet the challenges of the rapidly modern pharma and biopharmaceutical industry. From investigations into catalysts, through insight into polymorphs, to the analysis of fermentation conditions, for example, the importance of good data early in the development process is clear.

Time pressure to develop new drugs requires state-of-the-art instrumentation to undertake real-time process monitoring of reactions. At-line, in-line and analytical laboratory techniques give instant feedback to meet the industry’s drive for faster, more precise reaction monitoring and ore confident development of small molecule drugs and biologics.

Faster lab analysis and a tighter control of the reaction detects critical problems much earlier and helps to select the right criteria for a safe and scalable route. By monitoring processes, problems are identified sooner, complications when scaling up a reaction are avoided and the safest and most efficient route can be chosen. Real-time process monitoring of reactions enhances process understanding with techniques including XRD, NMR and FT-IR the most suitable for process development, scale-up and reaction monitoring.