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Yields Better Research & Results

Unparalleled Sensitivity

Detect as little as nanograms of isolated natural products in just a few minutes through the use of our small volume probe and CryoProbe™ technology. Bruker has a range of smart options designed for versatility, cost effectiveness and unparalleled mass sensitivity.

Excellent Reproducibility

Obtaining reproducible results is critical for any natural product researcher. From understanding the natural variances of biological organism to identification of unique metabolites, Bruker AVANCE™ III HD NMR consoles offer the highest reproducibility researchers require to answer screening or metabolomics questions. Instrument to instrument reproducibility gives researchers the ability to transfer their own analytical methods to any Bruker NMR system in any lab to provide consistent and accurate results.

Reproducibility & Quantification

Reproducibility and Quantification
Quantification of Scutellarin in crude Skull Cap extract from Scutellaria
incana was determined to be 32.8 mM based on 1H NMR spectra using a
quantification calibrated spectrometer. The presence of Scutellarin was
determined through a match against a spectral base of potential botanical
extract components using AssureNMR.

Automated Quantification & Identification

Automated Quantification & Identification
Automated analysis by AssureNMR
nd = not detected, *Baicalin/Scutellarin derivative observed

Precise Quantification

Weighing a very small amount of a precious natural product isolate is difficult and without weight information the actual yield or concentration dependent biological activity is challenging to ascertain. Determining the amount of sample of a pure metabolite, or as part of a mixture, is both easy and accurate using Bruker's TopSpin™ or AssureNMR™ software programs. By calibrating the NMR spectrometer to a known reference standard, the PULCON1 equation is applied to other samples to yield concentrations of components.
1Wilder,K;Dreier,L. J. Am. Chem Soc. 2006, 128, 2571-2578

Automated Analysis Capabilities

Dereplication is an integral part of a natural products discovery program. Quality control is essential to ensure safety and reproducibility. Bruker software and hardware assists in both of these processes by providing the necessary automation to analyze spectra statistically, as well as identifying and quantifying the compounds seamlessly with a push of a button.

Exceptional Dynamic Range

Advances in Bruker's AVANCE™ III HD console provide exceptional dynamic range, enabling the detection of low level components in mixtures. Let our innovative NMR products assist you in studying the molecules that were previously unapproachable.


90 μg of Muironolide A isolated from a marine sponge acquired in CDCl3
on a 1.7 mm MicroCryoProbe at 600 MHz. (A) HMBC acquired in 24 hours
with NS=192 (B) HMBC vertical expansion (C) 1H NMR spectrum. Dalisay et
al, JACS, May 15, 2009. Data was kindly provided by Tadeusz Molinski, UCSD.