API Production

Today's competitive environment requires manufacturers to continuously improve product quality while reducing manufacturing costs. Bruker’s product portfolio helps you to achieving these goals.

Chemical API Production

Most of the pharmaceutical active substances are still produced by organic synthesis from a range of compounds. Bruker has gathered a broad experience and knowledge in especially in-line and on-line process control with FT-NIR spectroscopy to help the customer to have a direct and close looks into their reactions and their monitoring.

Examples are the in-line control of solvent recovery, quality control of final product for potency, excipient level and moisture content. 

Fermentation-based API's

Today, more and more active ingredients are produced with the help of biotechnology. Living micro-organisms produce the desired substances, but a very strict adherence to the process parameters is necessary for the cells to work optimally. Optical Spectroscopy in conjunction with fiber-coupled probes allows the online process control of multi-day reactions and help to maximize the yield.