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Bruker offers ready-to-use test kits for on-site detection and identification of diverse biothreat agents, pathogens and toxins. All pBDi test kits contain optimized reagents to perform multiplex electrochemical ELISA in a stable and time-saving process. Developed for ease of use by non-scientific personnel, the kits can be operated and the samples handled while working in protective equipment under field conditions.

Benefits of our test kits and reagents:

  • Freeze dried agents for easy use
  • Optimized for electrochemical biochip technology
  • Unique cartridge design for easy handling
  • Shelf life of 12 months
  • Unique colour-coded reagents to avoid confusion
Available Test Kits and detectable agents:
Biothreat Test Kit 1 Toxin Test Kit 1 Toxin test Kit 2 Training Kit
Bacillus anthracis BoNT/A BoNT/C Training Sample
Yersinia pestis BoNT/B BoNT/D
Francisella tularensis BoNT/F BoNT/E
Brucella spp. SEB SEA
Burkholderia mallei/ pseudomallei Ricin Abrin
Orthopox viruses