OPUS/VIDEO is a software package for comfortable IR- and RAMAN-microscopic analysis. The user interface guides the operator step-by-step intuitively through the process of data acquisition.

OPUS/VIDEO Features:

  • Individual Video Wizards provide optimal workflows for microanalysis using the Bruker microscopes LUMOS II, HYPERION, SENTERRA II and RamanScope III.
  • Clear User Guidance through the steps of micro-spectroscopic analysis.
  • Visual microscopic Image Acquisition and live view.
  • Live View of Spectra before measurement.
  • Automated Mapping measurements of irregular, line and rectangular grids.
  • Central Data Storage of spectra, IR/Raman images, visible images and annotations within one common file.

The intuitive Video Wizard presents at each analytical step only those functions which are appropriate to use next, ensuring a comfortable workflow and high efficiency.

The typical measurement procedure consists of the following steps:

1.    Visual Sample Inspection for acquisition of single and assembled visual overview images:

Visual sample inspection for acquisition of single and assembled visual overview images

2.    Selection of Measurement Settings, such as the measurement mode (ATR, transmittance, reflectance, Raman).

3.    Interactive Definition of Measurement Positions:

Interactive definition of measurement positions

4.    Sample Measurement resulting in a single file including all relevant data such as visible images, spectral data and information about the sample and the experiment. The file is directly loaded and presented in the Chemical Imaging window of OPUS/3D.