SureCAL Automated Calibration for Raman Microscopy

The SureCALTM technology is a method for achieving a standard Raman spectrum that has both, excellent short- and long-term precision.

Benefits of SureCAL™

  • Absolute reliability of spectra obtained
  • Raman precision and accuracy is guaranteed
  • Detect smallest shifts e.g. in protein folding or stress induced line shifting
  • Simplified and enhanced spectra substraction
  • Chemometrical results are improved
  • More accurate spectral library search

The worth of calibrated spectra is extraordinary for Raman and FTIR alike. SureCALTM is the definitive answer for precise and reliable Raman microscopy.

It allows the collection of the standard spectrum which is independent from typical and unforeseen instrument instabilities.

During standard operation calibration should be done after every setup rearrangement (e.g. grating or laser change). To avoid this tedious procedure, SureCALTM  simultaneously measures Raman spectrum of sample and neon spectrum.

By an integral transform process, the Raman data is corrected for instrument instabilities and therefore yields a Raman spectrum, that is automatically calibrated in frequency.

Figure 1 shows how it works. The measured spectra of sample and neon are collected on different areals of the CCD detector. By using these two “channels” the data sets can be combined to adjust to “breathing effects” of the spectrometer.

Figure 2 instead demonstrates the excellent wavenumber stability even after 24h of continuous measurements.

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SureCAL How it works
Figure 1: The principle behind SureCAL
LLT Cyclohexane Senterra II
Figure 2: Long-term measurement of a sample to demonstrate the unmatched x-axis repeatability of SureCAL.