amaZon speed Ion Trap

Applications amaZon speed

MSn for Structure Analysis

The identification of drug metabolites and their structure verification are a vital part in pharma discovery and development. Software features like the FragmentExplorerTM are the ideal tools for structure confirmation taking advantage of the fast and sensitive stepwise MSn fragmentation of the amaZon speed ion trap. Bruker‘s MetaboliteToolsTM software suite provides confident metabolite prediction as well as detection and interpretation of new compounds.


Walk up Compass OpenAccess workflows

The intuitive and workflow-oriented GUI of the Compass OpenAccess software supports the flexibility and speed of the amaZon speed as an ideal solution for multi-user industrial, clinical or teaching labs. The web-based client server system is ideally suited for workflows like  e.g. quality control (QC), recombinant protein MW verification or automatic library searches.


Drug quantitation

Reliable and routine quantification is a task so far reserved for triple quadrupole instruments. The enhanced speed and reproducibility of the amaZon speed in MRM experiments enables the reliable quantification of target compounds in diverse matrices.


For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.