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Modern HRAM nano-ESI MS analysis is putting increased pressure on the front-end LC separation to match the MS in terms of robustness and reliability as well as demanding the absolute highest quality and reproducibility of sample separation.

To ensure such individual system performance as well as consistency over multiple systems and/or labs, deeper system integration and novel approaches to quality control as well as intelligent system diagnostics are called for. This in turns requires rigorous protocols and automation for all phases of the experiment, driving new approaches to user interface design and data monitoring, as well as a critical rethink of all flow paths and liquid handling parts of the configuration.

The Bruker nanoElute is designed with years of proteomics know-how and nano-UHPLC expertise.
Based on industry leading components coupled with innovative solutions to common problems, it delivers trouble-free operation from the moment of installation through years of OMICS knowledge generation.

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W połączeniu z bardzo wysoką/dokładną masą QqTOF, Bruker impact II i sprawdzonym na rynku źródłem jonizacji CaptiveSpray, system nanoElute jest nie do pobicia, jeśli chodzi o:



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Złożoność wbudowanej inteligencji nanoElute i zastosowanego interpretacji chromatografii jest ukryta za interfejsem użytkownika, który jest intuicyjny i łatwy w użyciu, ale także rozbudowany i elastyczny.


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Professor Leonard Foster Director, Centre for High-Throughput Biology University of British Columbia, Canada:

"LC-MS experts and biologists alike require trouble-free operation and ease-of-use along with top performance. The integrated nanoElute system readily delivers through an intuitive, wizard-driven interface with intelligent diagnostics and built-in trouble-shooting."

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.