Applictions maxis II

Antibody Characterization - Intact and Subunit Analysis

Enhanced resolution and mass precision - for highly precise and accurate determinations of the monoisotopic masses of both the Light and Heavy Chains of mAb's on an LC timescale for automated confirmation of product identity and detection of impurities. Superb raw data quality allows for fast and easy detection of modifications (including deamidation) in biotherapeutic characterization without the need for time and cost intensive digestion and peptide mapping of the entire antibody.






Complex Protein Mixture

The maXis II delivers superb dynamic range (5 orders of magnitude) at UPLC speeds enabling analysis of protein mixtures in complex, high-background matrices. For example > 1000 proteoforms resolved in a 35 min run from an undiluted serum sample.


  • • Sub-ppm mass accuracy & isotopic accuracy
  • • Isotopic resolution even for proteins > 40Kda
  • • MS/MS available for proteoform ID


Further information: Proteomics


Native Mass Spectrometry (optional)

The High Mass Option combines adjustable Funnel 1 pressure with in-source CID on the maXis II to permit efficient desolvation and ionization of the native sprayed analyte without sacrificing other performance vectors. Thereby enabling easier application of native MS or high mass workflows for the structural investigation of larger proteins and/or protein complexes (including antibody drug conjugates).


Further Information: Intact Protein Characterization

Bruker App-Note: LCMS-94


Robust LC-ETD capabilities


with novel nCI source and Gas Enrichment Apparatus. Top-down MW measurement plus LC-ETD sequence data to detect and localize post-translational modifications (PTMs) in mAb's faster.


Further information: Top-Down Protein Characterization and Intact Protein Characterization

Bruker App-Note: ET-36

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.