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IntelliSlides™ - Maximize information content per pixel with intelligence

Specifically designed to simplify MALDI Imaging workflows, IntelliSlides are the optimal tool for mapping molecules across your samples.  Your effortless time-to-result has never been faster.

Simplify MALDI Imaging experiments

IntelliSlides are the ideal sample target for MALDI Imaging. Potential sources of inefficiency are removed by having permanent inscriptions on the conductive surface. These inscriptions streamline the User experience by aiding sample tracking and indicating where to place the tissue sample. Always correctly labelled, always oriented properly, IntelliSlides simplify the way to your results.

Perfect for SpatialOMx

In SpatialOMx workflows on the timsTOF fleX, MALDI Imaging is used to map molecule distributions across tissue sections, thereby identifying regions of interest and focusing X-Omics analyses to specific cell populations. With IntelliSlides and specialized software, the image registration process on the timsTOF fleX is automated at the touch of a button. Quickly aligning the target sample with the timsTOF fleX laser optics, the workflow set up is brought down to three minutes with IntelliSlides, allowing you to more rapidly and accurately match the chemical information to every pixel. 

Compatible with histology

IntelliSlides have the same dimensions of standard microscopy slides and are compatible with common histology stains and procedures, such as hematoxylin and eosin. With the permanent inscriptions, there’s no more concern that registration marks (also known as ‘teach marks’) will dissolve in histology solvents, allowing for easier co-registration of post-measurement stained tissues with the corresponding MALDI dataset.

Features and Benefits of IntelliSlides 

  • Fulfills all requirements for reliable MALDI ionization
  • All inscriptions on conductive slide surface
  • Permanent registration marks (teach marks) indicate where to place the sample and are used for alignment within MALDI instrument
  • Unique serial number and barcode to simplify sample tracking
  • Automated image acquisition set up with fleXimaging 5.1 and above
  • Compatible with histology and microscopy techniques
  • IntelliSlides are a single-use consumable to avoid potential sources of contamination
Total time depends on teach mark appearance and individual
user experience/ability (5 to 30 mins)

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Clinical Diagnostic Procedures.