Emxnano flatcell

EMXnano Sample Handling

Flat Cell for Aqueous Samples

EMXnano flat cell

For samples containing water or other polar solvents, the microwaves interact with the solvent leading to poor sensitivity. The flat cell is designed to allow a large volume of aqueous samples to be measured with the optimum sensitivity by orienting the sample to minimize the undesired interactions.

Tissue Cell

Tissuecell4 1

When the sample to be measured is a tissue specimen, both the orientation and the fixing of the sample are important in EPR.  With the tissue cell, the sample is easily positioned and fixed for optimum sensitivity.  The tissue cell is transparent to visible and UV light for irradiation experiments.


EMXnano Goniometer

Some measurements require the precise orientation of the sample such as when irradiating silicon wafers or studying single crystals.  The goniometer provides a well defined rotation axis with high precision angle settings.  The goniometer is compatible with the nitrogen variable temperature accessory.

Flow Through Cell (Insight EPR)

FlowThroughCell 1 1

An alternative for liquid samples, the flow through cell allows the injection (both manual and auto-sampler) of the sample into a set of continuous capillary tubing. Reaction monitoring with the flow through cell provides deeper insight into chemical and biological reactions.

  • Increased sensitivity over glass capillary
  • Static or continuous flow
  • Insured alignment
  • Download the poster

Sample Tubes

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High quality and high purity sample tubes are essential for background free measurements. Precision tubes are available in 3 mm, 4 mm, and 5 mm outer diameters to match the sample volume available.