FT-EPR Digital Upgrade

Join the new digital generation of FT-EPR spectrometers and benefit from:


Building on the high performance features of the original PatternJet-I, PatternJet-II includes extended memory on each channel for more pulses and more evolution times, with no reprogramming overhead.

  • Maximum time resolution of 1 ns
  • 1024 pulses per channel
  • Direct phase cycling without reprogramming
  • Direct 2D acquisition without reprogramming overhead


Combining high speed averaging and real time digital signal processing, SpecJet-III is the ideal digitizer for FT-EPR. In addition to optimizing EPR experiments in the time domain, SpecJet-III utilizes DSP for optimizing and collecting experiments in the frequency domain.

  • Time resolution 0.5 ns
  • 14 bit amplitude resolution
  • Real time digital signal processing
  • Real time FFT set up mode

High Speed Data Acquisition

The combination of PatternJet-II and SpecJet-III delivers an unprecedented increase in experiment efficiency and flexibility.

Direct Phase Cycling

The overhead typically associated with phase cycling has been removed with the SJ-III/PJ-II combination. A 2-pulse ESEEM spectrum with a 16 step phase cycle, which used to take 10 s to acquire, can now be acquired in 0.8 s.

Multislice Acquisition

Rather than acquiring each slice of a 2D experiment individually, the SJ-III/PJ-II acquires multiple slices simultaneously. A 2D HYSCORE experiment that used to take 346 s can now be completed in just 70 s.

SpinJet-AWG (optional)

SpinJet-AWG is a leap forward in pulse EPR. Extensive MW pulse controls open up exciting new possibilities in experiment design and optimization.

  • Frequency definition of each pulse
  • Pulse shaping within the shot
  • Frequency chirping of pulses
  • Phase definition of each pulse
  • Multiple channel architecture

Take your current ELEXSYS transputer/OS9 system to the next level by choosing one of our upgrade pathways.

Price and technical details on application

Note: For optimal system performance the CW-EPR Digital Upgrade is required.