Common Electromagnets for EPR Spectroscopy

Interfaced to high-class, matched power supplies with superior linear current output

Bruker Biospin supplies a range of electromagnets and a choice of power supplies and heat exchangers. 

The electromagnets are specifically designed for the needs of EPR, i.e. high field homogeneity over a large volume. They are interfaced to high-class, matched power supplies with superior linear current output. To further boost the specifications, each magnet system is fully remote controlled by Bruker BioSpin's proprietary field controllers and optional Teslameters. Key highlight is the full sweep capability combined with virtually unlimited digital resolution.

EPR Magnet
EPR Magnet

Special Magnet systems

  • 13" with 15 kW, 13" with 22.5 kW

  • L-Band magnet with 120 mm air gap (ELEXSYS E540 EPR-Imaging)

  • W-Band super conducting magnet  (ELEXSYS E600/680 System)   


ER 070
6″ / 15 cm
3 Ω
500 kg

ER 075
9.5″ / 24 cm
3 Ω
800 kg

ER 073W
10″ / 25 cm
3 Ω
1780 kg

ER 073
10″ / 25 cm
3 Ω
1780 kg


60 mm

62 mm

100 mm

72 mm

56 mm

ER 080
1 kW / 45 kg

6.0 kG





ER 081
2.7 kW / 55 kg


9.0 kG

7.0 kG

10 kG

13 kG

ER 083
12 kW / 210kg


13.0 kG


11.0 kG

14.5 kG

17 kG

L-, S-, and X-BandL-, S-,  and X-BandAll (not W-Band)


Magnet Systems: Magnet & Power Supply

Our range of magnet systems allow a perfect match to your budget as well as your performance requirements today and in the future. Just two examples:

  • A 6" magnet (ER 070) interfaced to a 1 kW power supply (ER/EMX 080) is the choice for routine X-Band EPR spectroscopy.
  • A 10" magnet (ER 073) with 12 kW power supply (ER 083) enables X-Band and up to Q-Band operation providing multifrequency EPR capabilities.

The table provides the full information for all magnet systems based on electromagnets. The magnetic field value given in the table corresponds to the maximum attainable field for this particular combination.