Concentration qNMR

Concentration Determination by qNMR

Is there anything in your sample? How much did you put in? Any APIs? Still intact? Degradation?

Consider NMR to determine the absolute concentration of all samples.  Whether you are performing library quality control, synthesis control or determining synthetic yields, of individual samples or high throughput, Bruker now offers you a rapid on-the-fly solution to quantification with the added benefit of structure consistency check.

Inherently quantitative, NMR enables rapid and straightforward quantification of solids and liquids without the need of method development or response factor calculations. Scientists have been using NMR for quantitative purposes for decades (first papers dated around 1960) and established methods accepted by the food, pharma and diagnosis industries.

The downside is that existing qNMR workflows rely on expert knowledge and/or well-trained analysts and detailed protocols.

Bruker’s concentration determination by qNMR streamlines this process with a fully automatic workflow from sample submission to report, making it the ideal solution for both experts and non-experts working in a pharmaceutical development environment, where quality is a must.

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