It's Innovative - Parallel experiments mean more results in less time

Bruker’s latest electronics console allows users to examine different nuclei in parallel, rather than sequentially. This combined with our new innovative probes and sample automation technology, mean you can now gather NMR data and discover molecular structures faster than ever before.

It's Accessible - Easy to use

Predefined protocols and automatic performance checks enable hassle free setup of experiments. Users can get the best out of the system from the first time they use it.

It’s Reliable- Maximized uptime

Our service contracts guarantee maximized uptime of the device. The LabScape shop offers all training materials and consumables you might need, and our skilled experts are always available to assist remotely or on site.

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Integrating NMR into your workflow is possible with Bruker

Bruker is taking what used to be complex and often intimidating nuclear magnetic resonance technology and making it easier and more accessible than ever before. This full service package includes everything from hardware to software to services and training. Bruker solutions provide you with reliable and easy-to-use technology allowing you to expand your lab's offerings and increase productivity.

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The AVANCE NEO fits right in with your existing hardware infrastructure and can easily replace the older machines you might have in your lab.

Also, be sure to check out our whitepaper on NOAH supersequences by Eriks Kupce and Tim Claridge.

High performance technology in one complete package

  • AVANCE™ NEO Console the most advanced NMR electronics ever
  • iProbe™

    • Fast and precise RF tuning and matching
    • Higher sensitivity, faster data collection
    • Easy installation into the magne

  • SampleCase™

    • Simple, reliable automated sample changer
    • Samples from 1-10 mm in diameter

All compatible with 300-600 MHz magnets

Fast answers for your chemistry questions

  • CMC-assist™ easily allows you to confirm structures and extract quantitative and consistency details about your samples Automated Performance Qualification
  • Assure System Suitability Test (AssureSST™) automatically validates the NMR performance before running your samples

We've got you covered...every step of the way

Personalized training to get you up and running fast

  • One personal training voucher for end users in one of Bruker's global training centers Online Expert Service
  • Product experts will answer your questions and support your applications