ParaVision 6

Higher Productivity and Increased Performance in Preclinical MRI

The preclinical MRI software ParaVision 7 delivers unsurpassed image quality and enhanced productivity for both routine users and experts. Intuitive workflows provide easy selection of optimized examination protocols including a large sequence portfolio exclusive to Bruker. Fast, fully automatic system optimization and data acquisition together with powerful image data evaluation tools, guarantee maximum user efficiency and throughput.

ParaVision 7 makes preclinical MR imaging most efficient, with fast and easy setups via automatic hardware recognition, ready-to-use preoptimized protocols, and powerful analysis tools. Expert users will appreciate integrated dynamic real-time optimization and adjustment of experimental parameters during scanning and fast 64 bit multi core image reconstruction for high resolution 3D imaging results. Based on the electronic platforms AVANCE III or AVANCE III HD, its automatic RF-pulse shape calculation leads to sharpest image slice profiles for most accurate morphologies.

Technical features

  • Accelerated, intuitive workflow
  • Ready-to-use protocols and scan programs
  • Remote scan planning and scheduling
  • 3D visualization and analysis
  • Parallel imaging and reconstruction
  • Parallel transmit
  • Project planning
  • Multimodal data import
  • Method development framework
  • Active method conflict handling
  • Automatic hardware recognition
  • Real-time optimization during scanning
  • On-the-fly RF-pulse calculation
  • Arbitrary cuboid or ellipsoid shim volumes
  • In-line navigator-based image reconstruction
  • Fast 64 bit multi core image reconstruction for high resolution 3D imaging
  • Fully searchable data base, network data management

Application packages

  • Cardiology
  • Advanced Cardiology
  • Diffusion
  • Angiography
  • Continous ASL
  • Pulsed ASL
  • Spectroscopy
  • fMRI and DCE
  • Relaxation
  • Short TE Imaging
  • Fat-Water Imaging

ParaVision 7 highlights

  • IntraGateUTE for fastest virtually flow-artifact-free full heart cine coverage
  • Dual contrast MRI with DESS
  • Quantitative B1 mapping
  • Quantitative CBF calculation with CASL workflow and inversion efficiency correction
  • Saturation Transfer for MTC and CEST
  • Fat-water separation imaging
  • Perfectly colocalized fat and water images in RARE
  • Dual echo acquisition and segmented preparation in UTE3D
  • Greatest stability for long measurements using navigators
  • Precise volumetric quantification with virtually distortion free 3D spatial localization

Easy IT Infrastructure Integration

ParaVision’s data base driven network data management, and archiving capabilities enable the connection of multiple ParaVision workstations and DICOM server archiving. ParaVision 7 also supports and facilitates data exchange with other imaging modalities in your lab.


ParaVision 7 benefits from the power of AVANCE III or AVANCE III HD MRI including seamless integration of parallel transmit electronics, a push-button infrastructure, as well as optimal integration of Bruker MRI CryoProbes.

It provides on-the-fly high speed digital signal processing possibilities and enables automatic RF-pulse shape calculation resulting in improved image slice profiles and sensitivity. In addition, dynamic time-dependent image artifact correction during scanning is available for optimum image quality in functional imaging studies. The new in-line navigator-based image reconstruction ensures maximum image stability in fast imaging applications such as EPI.

3D Visualization and Analysis

3D data visualization and analysis tools extend the features of the basic viewing functionality:

  • 3D interactive viewing
  • Maximum intensity projection (MIP), minimum intensity projection (MinIP)
  • Multi-planar secondary image reconstruction (MPR) and surface rendering
  • Zooming, panning, brightness, contrast, colormap, smoothing
  • Drag and drop image processing
  • Profiling, distance, angles
  • Dual overlay, alpha blending, image clipping, cut volumes, segmentation
  • On-the-fly quantitative image mapping
  • Image algebra
  • Movie generation

Multimodal Data Import and Export

The multimodal data import and export option allows import DICOM data into ParaVision for the following modalities:

  • Positron – Emission Tomography (PET)
  • Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT)
  • And exportation of Magnetic Resonance Particle Imaging (MRPI)

Parallel Imaging and Reconstruction

This feature allows the application of  parallel imaging and reconstruction techniques

  • Accelerated parallel image acquisition
  • GRAPPA based image reconstruction

Parallel Transmit

This feature includes acquisition functionality for parallel transmit imaging techniques.

  • Support of multi-channel parallel transmit RF-pulses
  • Easy access through Method Development Framework

Project Planning

Off-line registration and preparation of scan programs on a remote processing workplace, including

  • Subjects
  • Sessions, studies, scans and projects
  • Protocols
  • Scan programs

Method Development Framework

A transparent method-programming framework including powerful tools, access to method toolboxes and method source code enables easy implementation of image acquisition and dedicated reconstruction techniques with only basic programming knowledge.


The DIFFUSION application package includes all methods, protocols, and software tools required for diffusion weighted or diffusion tensor imaging.

  • Spin echo based diffusion tensor imaging
  • Echo planar based diffusion tensor imaging
  • Spiral based diffusion tensor imaging
  • DTI analysis and visualization


The CARDIO application package includes all methods and software tools required for triggered or self-gated cardiac imaging with black blood, bright blood or tagging contrast.

  • Flow-compensated fast gradient echo imaging
  • Self-gated cardiac imaging
  • Self-gated cardiac image reconstruction


Short TE Imaging

The SHORT-TE application package includes all methods and software tools required for imaging samples with short echo times.

  • Fast spin echo imaging with very short echo times
  • Spiral imaging
  • Ultra short echo time imaging
  • Zero echo time 3D imaging
Short TE


The RELAXATION application package includes all methods and software tool required for T1/T2 based contrasts imaging and relaxometry.

  • Multi gradient echo imaging
  • Variable repetition time fast spin echo
  • T1 Look-Locker echo planar imaging


The fMRI and DCE application package includes all methods and software tools required for functional and dynamic contrast enhanced kinematic imaging.

  • Spin echo based echo planar imaging
  • Gradient echo based echo planar imaging
  • Image Sequence Analysis

Advanced Cardiology

The ADVANCED CARDIO application package combines the ultra short echo time UTE method with IntraGate for self-gated cardiac imaging.

  • Self-gated cardiac imaging (IntraGateUTE)
  • Most accurate images facilitating streamlined evaluation
  • Up to 8x times accelerated imaging

Continuous ASL

The Continuous ASL (Arterial Spin-Labeling) package includes methods and software tools to measure and reconstruct CBF parameter maps using continuous arterial spin-labeling techniques

  • Continuous labeling echo-planar perfusion imaging
  • Labeling efficiency correction
  • Automatic CBF quantification with ASL workflow guide


The SPECTROSCOPY application package includes all methods and software tools required for spatially resolved spectroscopy.

  • Echo planar spectroscopic imaging
  • Localized single voxel spectroscopy
  • High-resolution NMR pulse sequence library
  • Spectral processing and analysis software

Fat-Water Imaging

The FAT-WATER IMAGING Package enables fat-water imaging with RARE and allows the selectable output images:

  • Fat images
  • Water images
  • Fat-chemical shift corrected recombined images


The ANGIOGRAPHY application package includes all methods, protocols, and software tool required for angiography and velocity imaging.

  • Flow-compensated fast gradient echo imaging
  • Phase contrast angiography and quantitative flow mapping

Pulsed ASL

The Pulsed ASL (Arterial Spin-Labeling) package includes methods and software tools to measure and reconstruct CBF parameter maps using FAIR arterial spin-labeling techniques

  • Fast spin echo perfusion imaging
  • Echo planar perfusion imaging
  • CBF parameter map calculation software


Service and Life Cycle Support

Bruker’s commitment to provide customers with unparalleled help throughout the buying cycle, from initial inquiry to evaluation, installation, and the lifetime of the instrument is now characterized by the LabScape service concept.

LabScape Maintenance Agreements, On-Site On-Demand and Enhance Your Lab are designed to offer a new approach to maintenance and service for the modern laborator.

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