PET Inline

More Than The Sum of Its Parts

Highest molecular sensitivity combined with excellent MRI contrast and resolution

The new PET Inline Module can be added to all high-field MRI systems for unsurpassed PET and MRI imaging performance. It features homogeneous, high-resolution and quantitative PET imaging and offers full field accuracy PET quantification with attenuation correction based on MRI attenuation maps.

A high-precision, motorized animal transport system with quick-lock animal cradles for mice and rats enable fully automatic moving table image acquisitions. Touchscreen operation by gloved hands and a fully integrated software user interface provide real ease-of-use.

Key Benefits

  • Inline PET can be integrated with almost all existing horizontal bore MRI instruments (*)
  • Large PET FOV of  80 mm diameter 150 mm in a single acquisition
  • High Countrate Quantitative Performance
  • SiPM Full Field Accuracy PET, with spatial resolution of up to 0.7 mm and 12% sensitivity
  • Respiration and ECG monitoring and gating. Temperature monitoring  and control