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Contour Elite K 3D Optical Microscope

Uncompromised benchtop imaging and metrology for a wide range of surfaces

Bruker’s Contour Elite K 3D Optical Microscope sets a new industry standard for design and cost efficiency in surface metrology performance. With exceptional roughness and 2D/3D measurement capabilities, high-fidelity imaging, and the industry’s most advanced user-friendly interface, Contour Elite K offers uncompromised metrology plus high-fidelity imaging in a compact system.

Contour Elite K provides all of the advantages of white light interferometry without the deficiencies of conventional confocal and standard digital microscopes.

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Contour Elite K

Unmatched Value and Scalable Options

Contour Elite K is optimized for productivity in the lab and on the factory floor. The hardware and software combine to provide streamlined access to top optical performance at price points thousands of dollars lower than is possible for comparable metrology capability. Contour Elite K can be easily extended past the standard platform with field-upgradable add-ons, including:

  • Fully automated turret and programmable X, Y, Z movement
  • Application-specific productivity software
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Uncompromised Metrology Design

The streamlined system provides the low noise, high-speed, accuracy, and precision results that quantitative metrology requires. With the use of multiple objectives and integrated feature recognition, features can be tracked over a variety of fileds of view and at subnanometer vertical resolution, providing scale-independent results for quality control and process monitoring applications in very diverse industries.

Accurate Measurements Plus High-Fidelity Imaging

Contour Elite K provides the best available lateral resolution in an industrial 3D optical microscope, giving it an enhanced capability to quantify edge variations even on the smallest structures. Contour Elite’s high-fidelity imaging reveals specific surface details that otherwise would be difficult or impossible to see and enables users to segment data based on color or grayscale information to rapidly select areas of interest and collect critical metrology data from these specific regions.

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Powerful Analysis with Extreme Ease of Use

Contour Elite K features a streamlined user interface that maximizes user efficiency and simplifies measurements and analyses. Combining intelligent architecture with intuitive visual workflow and extensive user-defined automation capabilities, Vision 64 enables fast and comprehensive data collection and analysis. New Vision64 Map extends these capabilities even further by opening up streamlined access to automated reporting in 11 languages.