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The Contour LS-K interface has been designed to capitalize on the system’s rapid data acquisition. Several tools have been added to simplify obtaining a high-quality image in seconds. Unique features guide the user through setting scan ranges and achieving optimum lighting settings before initiating the scan with a single click. Contour LS-K images can be manipulated and rotated for better viewing, tipped up or down, and easily adjusted in hundreds of ways.

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  • All
  • Connector/Electronic/Semiconductor
  • Polymer/Plastic
  • Tribology
  • Automotive
  • Fabrics/Textile/Paper
  • Manufacturing - Surface Roughness from Machining
  • Manufacturing - QA/QC for Parts
  • Manufacturing - Drilling/Stamping/Molding
  • Manufacturing - Laser Surface Texturing
  • Manufacturing - Tools