Unmatched PSS Metrology Capabilities

The Dimension Edge PSS with AutoMET provides nanometer resolution for analysis of every critical parameter for PSS substrates while automatically collecting this information across wafer and wafer to wafer.

Bruker’s dedicated PSS analysis package can simultaneously provide data on:

  • Height, width & pitch
  • Side wall angle & feature profile
  • NEW: Asymmetry identification & measurement
  • NEW: Contamination identification
  • NEW: Turn identification & turn angle
  • NEW: Flat top identification

AutoMET software analysis has new measurement features

We have added new measurement capabilities to our AutoMET software for enhanced analysis of PSS structures.

The Dimension Edge PSS features sub-micron pitch resolution to meet LED manufacturing roadmap needs. Its <0.2nm noise floor provides bare substrate and epi roughness measurements, and it delivers sample flexibility by accommodating 2- to 6-inch wafers.

Dimension Edge PSS AutoMET software and system with 9 wafer chuck.