HPI Slider

Automated Semiconductor

FastScan Pro Wafer v1

Bare wafer roughness metrology and defect review characterization

Sub 10-nanometer node electrical device characterization and fault isolation

Accurate step height and depth metrology measurements


HBLED and Solar

Dimension FastScan Pro LED v1

Automated HB-LED pattern sapphire (PSS) depth and shape metrology

Precise HB-LED substrate roughness

Electrical characterization of HB-LED and solar materials

Data Storage

FastScan Pro Data Storage v1
Most precise, highest resolution and high throughput, production-based slider metrology

Media substrate roughness and defect review characterization with outstanding resolution

Electrical and magnetic failure analysis characterization for wafer, media, and slider

Polymers and Thin Films

FastScan Pro Polymers and THins Films v1

High-throughput, topography measurements for quality control

Simultaneous topography and mechanical property mapping

Suitable for a wide range of block co-polymers

MEMS Manufacturing

FastScan Pro MEMS v1
Automated measurement of roughness, height, and shape

Mechanical property characterization (displacement, strain) of actuators

Electrical characterization of MEMS devices

Display Manufacturing

Display Mfg
Most accurate nanoscale measurements for display development

Automated measurement of nanoscale roughness to control display quality

Precise characterization of display nanotextures over 1000s of measurements