AFM-IR: Breakthrough Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy for Organics, Polymers and Life Sciences

AFM-IR spectroscopy reveals chemical composition of crucial nanostructures across a diverse range of applications, including protein secondary structure of single fibrils, sub-cellular composition, and polymer blend interfaces. This breakthrough capability has led to rapid adoption of AFM-IR by leading academic, government, and industrial researchers worldwide.

AFM-IR: The Clear Choice for True, Artifact Free IR Absorption Spectroscopy

Our patented AFM-IR technique is the only nanoscale method that provides true model-free IR absorption spectroscopy. Scattering-based techniques suffer from band shifts, peak distortions and other artifacts caused by complex dependencies on tip material and geometry, sample thickness. In contrast, AFM-IR provides a direct, unambiguous measurement of infrared absorption. For that reason, the AFM-IR spectra correlate well to conventional FTIR spectra and are highly interpretable. Peak positions are very accurate, enabling detailed analysis of band shapes, subtle peak shifts, secondary structure, and orientation effects. AFM IR spectra are readily searched against spectral libraries for identification of unknown chemical components

Excellent Correlation to FTIR Spectra

F T I R Spectra