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Corrosion Testing

Oil and Gas Refinery Applications

Corrosion in the oil transport and refining industry continually degrades infrastructure and materials at an extremely high cost to the industry as a whole.  As such, researchers are continually challenged to develop better materials, additives, and preventive measures to reduce and ultimately control corrosion and its damaging effects.


The corrosion process results from various mechanical and electrochemical components in the tribocorrosion process and usually includes elements of sliding wear, abrasion, cavitation damage, fretting, tribo-oxidation, and solid particle erosion. Although corrosion in controlled experimentation happens on a very small scale, over time it can be used to predict functional performance of large infrastructures.

Click the link below to learn more about corrosion testing using Bruker’s UMT TriboLab.

A Tool for Studying Tribocorrosion Mechanisms