G4 ICARUS Series 2

G4 ICARUS Series 2 – Carbon and Sulfur by Combustion

The combustion analyzer G4 ICARUS Series 2 with high-frequency (HF) induction furnace, ZoneProtectTM and HighSenseTM detection combines outstanding performance with industry-proven usability.

The combustion analyzer G4 ICARUS Series 2 with HF induction furnace and HighSense detection is the ideal instrument for rapid and precise carbon (C) and sulfur (S) analysis in solids.

Due to their impact on the material properties, carbon and sulfur are monitored along the whole production process. The need for fast and reliable CS analysis is not limited to iron and steel but also applies to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, their alloys, ceramics, ores, cement, limestone and numerous other inorganic solids.

G4 ICARUS Series 2
G4 ICARUS Series 2

ZoneProtectTM ensures a clean, fast & efficient combustion

The innovative combustion zone design utilizes a gas extraction nozzle to ensure an optimal, surplus supply of oxygen to the molten sample. Liberated combustion gases and dust particles are instantly purged through the extraction nozzle, while its collar shields the combustion tube from splatters of liquid sample.

A unique, fully automatic cleaning system with brush-free dust removal ensures simultaneous cleaning of the inline dust filter and the gas extraction nozzle while transferring accumulated dust into the crucible for disposal. In conjunction with an integrated high efficiency dust filter with 3µm pore size, ZoneProtectTM creates unrivaled characteristics and performance:

  • More efficient, faster combustion on a wider variety of samples
  • Superior gas flow: Instant removal of combustion gases without further dilution for fast and clean analysis
  • Eliminating splatters and minimizing dust for maximal productivity, component lifetime and analytical quality
  • Vacuum- and noise-free dust removal system integrated into the combustion zone


The G4 ICARUS Series 2 is equipped with selective solid-state detectors without any moving parts and integrated reference beam channel.

HighSenseTM: High-performance UV-Absorption for SO2

The latest innovations in the field of high-performance light-emitting diodes (UV-LED), enabled the development of a SO2 detector with outstanding performance. As UV absorption is much more efficient than IR absorption, this results in lower detection limits suitable even for trace analysis. In addition this kind of gas analysis is not affected by interferences of water molecules or thermal fluctuations.

The new HighSenseTM platform comes with a dedicated reference channel to eliminate drifts and provide utmost baseline and calibration stability. The measuring cell is equipped with an inert coating to avoid “carry-over” effects and corrosion. The result is a SO2 detector that outperforms the NDIR technique in every aspect.

Versatility for research combined with industry proven reliability

The analytical performance gained by the combination of HighSenseTM detectors and ZoneProtectTM furnace technologies provides the analytical flexibility, performance for research while extending its proven efficiency, robustness, speed and long-term stability required in industrial environments.

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