QUANTAX EBSD Application Examples

Fast and Easy Microstructural Characterization at Work

This collection of application examples demonstrates the power of the QUANTAX EBSD system. No data cleaning was applied to any of the EBSD results presented here. Read more about EBSD analyses, combined EBSD and EDS analyses, as well as materials characterization with the ARGUS™ FSE/BSE imaging system.

Fast simultaneous EBSD and EDS measurements for the complete analysis of multiphase materials

Phase Map of a High Speed Steel
Phase map of a high
speed steel

High speed steels contain different phases, which govern the usability and durability of these materials often used for machine tooling. This application example shows the determination of such phases to characterize this material. More info

Orientation contrast imaging and EBSD analysis on materials deformed by in-situ compression and tensile testing

ARGUS Image of ARMCO Steel Compressed with 120 MPa

This application example demonstrates EBSD analysis during in situ tensile testing of an ARMCO steel sample. More info

Advanced Phase ID

Mineral Containing 10 Phases
Map of a mineral containing
10 phases identified with
Advanced Phase ID

This unique tool by Bruker allows to securely identify phases and index EBSD maps with best possible quality, as the system is able to find the best fitting phase file to any given chemical composition and pattern. More info

Multiphase analysis of a solder joint

Solder Pattern Quality Map
Pattern quality map of a
lead-free solder sample

The sample discussed here is a lead-free solder joint. Due to the adherence to RoHS regulations lead-free solder is increasingly used. This application example shows the characterization of such a multiphase system with EBSD. More info

Transmission Kikuchi Diffration analysis of an ultra fine grained Si film

Color FSE Image of a Si Layer in Transmission
Color FSE image of a
Si layer in transmission

Analyzing thin crystalline samples in transmission promises an increase in spatial resolution by an order of magnitude. The technique is called Transmission Kikuchi Diffraction (TKD), it is demonstrated here using a ultra fine grained Si layer as a sample. More info

Analysis of a low symmetry phase

Orientation and Pattern Quality Map of Plagioclase
Pattern quality map of a
plagioclase sample over-
laid with an orientation

Phases with low symmetry like triclinic plagioclase, as in this case, are difficult to analyze with EBSD. Nevertheless it can be done with good results using the QUANTAX EBSD system as this example shows. More info

Investigating high pressure deformed phases

Convoluted Inverse Pole Figure of Calcite
Convoluted Inverse Pole
Figure of calcite

This application example deals with the analysis of high pressure deformed mineral phases. More info

Microstructural features in high detail through color-coded ARGUS™ images

Martensite Image Obtained with ARGUS™
Artificial color image of
a martensitic steel sample
obtained with the ARGUS™
FSE/BSE imaging system

Bruker's ARGUS™ forescattered / backscattered electron imaging systems provide orientation contrast images in color. These images can be used for many different purposes in microstructure visualization and characterization. More info