Positive Material Identification (PMI) of incoming stock and in-process materials

Handheld XRF (HH-XRF) Analyzers are fast, simple and non-destructive tools used routinely for positive material identification (PMI). Stainless steel alloys are commonly used in food production for their good corrosion and heat resistance as well as their mechanical strength in a wide range of environments.


Our S1 TITAN Point-and-Shoot Analyzer is Ideal for Alloy PMI

  • Verify alloys and other metals in seconds
  • Enhance material traceability
  • Confirm the integrity of equipment


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Quality Analysis at Critical Control Points (QACCP)

  • Check for hazardous elements in food packaging such as plastics, polymer films, tins, cans, and cardboard packs

  • Confirm metal and alloy grades of incoming and in-service piping, tubing, components, parts and welds

  • Monitor blending, grinding and mixing operations for metal contamination

  • Check heavy planting, harvesting and transportation equipment & machinery components to ensure safe and durable alloy grades

Screen all food contact materials and equipment:

PMI food contact materials

Point-and-Shoot ID         Positively ID Food-Contact Alloys 304 and 316

Alloy PMI for farming & harvesting equipment

Farming harvesting equipment