Steel Analysis with Handheld XRF

Steel analysis with handheld XRF has become recognized as highly efficient, trusted and cost effective in a variety of applications.  From incoming PMI in refineries to outgoing Quality Control of fasteners for aerospace applications, handheld XRF increases productivity and decreases downtime while providing reliable analysis.  Find out now how the Bruker S1 TITAN can meet your steel analytical needs!

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With superior detection through advanced technology, Bruker offers specialized solutions for a variety of analysis of steels from high temperature stainless to carbon steels to exotic aerospace stainless steels (NOTE: XRF will not detect carbon in steels).

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Extremely accurate and lightning fast, the Bruker handheld XRF can separate steel alloys in under 3 seconds.  Equipped with a Silicon Drift Detector (SDD), the Bruker S1 TITANLE provides superior count rates that deliver analysis 5 times faster than previous generation SiPIN XRF analyzers.  The instrument displays the grade of the alloy and well as elemental composition:

Analysis of stainless steels can be accomplished quickly and confidently with the Bruker S1 TITAN.  Talk to our specialists about your stainless steel analysis needs now!


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