Why the S8 TIGER?

The spectrometer of choice for WDXRF analysis in your industrial application

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Here’s another reason why the S8 TIGER is a superior choice for Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

REASON #11 – Precise Analysis

Our line of innovative, patented and award-winning analyzer crystals provides unrivaled precision with improved signal and resolution for light elements, and unmatched stability and intensity across the balance of the elemental spectrum.

The selection of more than 15 analyzer crystals on the S8 TIGER offers levels of detection and analysis that were once only the realm of experts, but now are part of your routine analysis. And you can put an end to thermal instabilities and long-term drifts when examining industrial minerals, cement, ceramics or glass.

Featured Analyzer Crystals

Featured Analyzer Crystals

  • Selection of more than 15 crystals available
  • Application optimized analyzer crystals:

    • Curved XS-Ge-C for lowest detection limits of P, S, Cl
    • High intensity XS-B for B
    • Highest stability crystal from Al to S

Need more reasons to choose the Bruker S8 TIGER?

Reason #13



Safe Sample Analysis

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Quality Components