Why the S8 TIGER?

The spectrometer of choice for WDXRF analysis in your industrial application

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Here’s another reason why the S8 TIGER is a superior choice for Wavelength Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis

REASON #23 – Quality components

The outstanding performance of the S8 TIGER rests in part on the quality of its components. Manufactured by Bruker exclusively for use in our leading WDXRF instruments, S8 TIGER components work together flawlessly, guaranteeing you complete integration and compatibility.

X-ray tube

X-ray tube

Our technology starts at the source, the X-ray tube. Providing the highest intensity in its class without the need for cooling water, our source tube provides over 20% higher intensity than conventional tubes. Its flexibility permits excitation across the element range.


XRF Goniometer

To ensure maximum precision and accuracy, the spectrometer components interact like pieces in a symphony.


All moving parts of our high-precision mechanical goniometer are synchronized by electronic gearing for pin-point positioning while providing high speed scans.

Analyzer crystals

Analyzer Crystals

In wavelength dispersive XRF, analyzer crystals are of vital importance.


We manufacture and equip the S8 TIGER with up to eight highperformance crystals, each optimized for your specific element range and application.

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Safe Sample Analysis

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