D8 VENTURE, TXS, KAPPA, single crystal X-ray diffraction

The Standard for Quality and Versatility in Single Crystal XRD

The D8 VENTURE hosts the experimental setup in a more spacious enclosure that also provides room for rotating anode, liquid metal jet and dual wavelengths solution. All systems feature the revolutionary PHOTON II CPAD detector.

The D8 VENTURE offers highest experimental flexibility, with excellent sample accessibility and visibility. It is engineered with high modularity from best-in-class components and is available in popular all-air-cooled configurations. The absolutely open design protects your investment with maximum flexibility for future extensions.

System key features:

  • Software

    • APEX3 - is the most complete suite for chemical crystallography
    • PROTEUM3 - now with a data processing pipeline for structural biology


Our compact D8 QUEST offers more single source solutions with a smaller foot-print.

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