PHOTON III - Mixed Mode X-ray Detection

Photon counting and integration modes

The best crystal structures for publication require X-ray detectors with high signal-to-noise ratios and accurate intensities.

The PHOTON III matches these requirements perfectly, offering mixed mode detection for the first time. Mixed mode detection simultaneously combines photon counting and integration, providing data of ultimate quality for both strong and weak reflections. Conventional photon counting detectors, like HPC or HPADs, suffer from poor linearity and count rate limitations for strong reflections, significantly degrading data quality.

The mixed mode PHOTON III detector eliminates all detector noise, delivering the highest linearity and guaranteeing the highest quality data for your most challenging samples.

The PHOTON III is available in two different sizes because at Bruker we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. The detector active area is tailored to ensure the best performance for your application needs. 

D8 VENTURE with PHOTON III detector
D8 VENTURE with PHOTON III detector
  • PHOTON III 14 has an active area of 140 × 100 mm2 it already outperforms what many other systems can offer.

  • PHOTON III 28 is, with an active area of 140 × 200 mm2 without gaps, the largest photon-counting pixel array detector for the home laboratory.

All PHOTON III detectors benefit from

  • Mixed-mode detection: simultaneous photon counting and integration
  • Active area of up to 200 × 140 mm2 with no dead areas
  • Single-photon counting
  • No charge sharing effects
  • No count rate saturation, zero counting losses