METALJET, sc-xrd, Liquid Metal Jet X-ray Source

METALJET D2 - X-ray Source

The introduction of the liquid metal-jet source is a remarkable paradigm shift in X-ray source technology.

This METALJET D2 X-ray source overcomes the brightness limitation of any conventional rotating anode enabling new in-house applications formerly requiring a visit to a synchrotron beam line. Despite the unparalleled performance, the cost of ownership is very competitive compared to rotating anode technology.

The METALJET D2 X-ray source uses liquid gallium as target material, which has a wavelength close to copper radiation. Dedicated MONTEL optics turn these X-rays into a highly brilliant, semi-parallel X-ray beam that is required for very high flux applications such as BioSAXS or time-resolved measurements.

The METALJET D2 is available as stand-alone source and fully integrated in the D8 VENTURE (SC-XRD), D8 DISCOVER (XRD), and NANOSTAR (XRD).


  • Unmatched X-ray source brilliance
  • Smallest spot size available
  • Power loading: >100 kW/mm2
  • Gallium Kα emission at 9.25 keV (1.34 Å)

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