NANOSTAR, Small Angle X-ray Scattering System

Modular Design for Top-of-class Results

The NANOSTAR with its incomparable modularity is the ideal tool for characterization of nanostructures ranging from 1 nm to roughly 125 nm, and nanostructured surfaces by SAXS, GISAXS and Nanography.

The mirror-conditioned pinhole collimation system provides a highly intense, parallel X-ray beam so that short measuring times can be achieved. At the same time, the collimation system maintains the ideal circular beam shape and is very efficient in eliminating background, which allows analyzing very weakly scattering samples as well as large structures.

In fact, the NANOSTAR analyzes pure sample properties, even for non-isotropic sample systems. The modular design permits setting the detector-to-sample distance from 11.5 mm up to 1070 mm. Hence, the entire range from SAXS to WAXS can be covered.


  • Modular setup for greatest flexibility
  • Brilliant X-ray sources: IμS, TXS and METALJET
  • MONTEL optics with exchangeable pinhole collimation system for high flux/high resolution
  • Low background collimation system using traditional three-pinhole or new SCATEX
    two-pinhole setup
  • Large sample chamber accommodating a variety of sample holders
  • VÅNTEC-2000, large 2-D detector with true photon counting ability
  • Variable sample-to-detector distance covering a vast q-range

More info

GISAXS with NANOSTAR – a Synchrotron Method in the Lab PDF lab report

NANOSTAR – Small Angle X-ray Scattering Solutions PDF brochure

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