software, X-ray diffraction, DIFFRAC.SUITE


LEPTOS G makes an evaluation of Grazing-Incidence Small-Angle Scattering data, measured from the samples containing nanoscale particles embedded within the undersurface region or located on the surface of sample. These can be, for example, buried or surface semiconductor quantum dots and islands, porous materials, condensed powder, embedded in polymers nanoparticles, etc. The licence for module G includes also R module for X-ray Reflectivity. LEPTOS G is able to:

  • Deliver the following information on nanoparticles: shape, dimension, surface/bulk density, correlation period and length
  • Automatically fit the sample model simulations to integrated 2D or 1D measured data using a robust optimization algorithm
  • Has several cost functions for data fitting
  • Includes several physical models for correlation type between particles (Zhu, hard-sphere) and parameter distribution (uniform, Lorentz, Gauss)
  • Access to the shared with other LEPTOS modules comprehensive extendable Material Data Base containing amorphous and crystalline materials
  • Account and fit the background and scaling factor between simulated and experimental data